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What’s in the Best Pomade on Sale Today?

What’s in the Best Pomade on Sale Today? 1707 2560 Andrew James Hair

What’s in the Best Pomade on Sale Today?

Best Ingredients Mix & More!

What’s in the Best Pomade on Sale Today?

Different pomade brands for men will obviously have different ingredients. However, there are some must-have ingredients commonly found in the best pomade brands. Those are the ingredients we are interested in here!

What is Pomade?

To understand what must be in pomade, it’s important to define the term. 

Pomade is simply a men’s hairstyling product that aims to create a firm, shiny, rich, and long-lasting hold. Pomade has been around for centuries. 

It was invented to offer styling benefits that lasted longer than typical hair sprays and gels. The best pomade today can offer results that offer a firmer hold, shinier and fuller hair for an entire day.

Pomade Ingredients in the Past and Today

Initially, (back in the 8th century), pomade was made using bear lard as the main ingredient. Fast-forward to the 20th century, the recipe had evolved to include three main ingredients, namely beeswax, lard, and petroleum. 

Some pomades have substituted some ingredients like lard with other more effective ingredients. Beeswax is also common in pomade, although some products have other substitutes. So, what’s in the best pomade on sale today?

Best Pomade Ingredient Mix Today

I. Water

There are two main types of pomade i.e., oil-based or water-soluble pomades. Modern pomades tend to be water-based but with other added ingredients to compensate for oil-based benefits such as long-lasting application. 

Water-based pomades are preferable today because they are easy to remove. They don’t leave residue, which is hard to wash out. They are largely water-based but tend to offer all the benefits of oil-based pomades, from offering a firm hold to a shiny richer appearance. 

II. Wax

Wax is another common ingredient in the best pomade on sale today. Traditionally, beeswax was the main wax. However, some pomades have substituted this vital ingredient with other types of wax i.e., castor wax. The role of beeswax in pomade has been studied widely. 

According to research, beeswax moisturizes the hair and holds it firmly in place. It also offers sealant benefits by repelling dirt and grime. Other benefits include smoothening and straightening hair. Research studies also show that beeswax soothes the scalp preventing problems like dandruff.

Castor wax has a higher melting point than beeswax, meaning it will work better under higher temperatures. It’s also slicker, shinier, and less sticky when cool making it better for styling and application. Other notable alternatives of beeswax to watch out for include carnauba wax extracted from palm trees and known to have a great hold. 

The best pomades with beeswax play around with the quantities in relation to other wax. You may find a combination of beeswax and another wax to achieve a unique blend. All-in-all, pomades need wax to perform their primary function of holding hairstyles firmly and offering a shiny, sleek look. 

III. Natural Solvent

The best pomade needs to have ingredients mixed together perfectly. Since oil and water don’t mix, there is a need for a natural solvent. Natural solvents like Ceteareth 20 made by reducing natural waxes and plant oils are common in the most popular pomades out there because they are natural and effective with oil-in-water emulsions. 

What’s more, ceteareth-20 enhances penetration naturally, allowing pomade to get deep into the skin and offer superior benefits like moisturization. 

IV. Natural Moisturizer (such as Glycerin)

Glycerin is another important ingredient in the best men’s pomade. Glycerin occurs naturally. It is derived from animal fats or vegetable oils. Glycerin’s benefits have been tested and proven. It is a common treatment for dry, scaly, and itchy skin/scalp. Glycerin works by forming a protective layer on top of dry skin, reducing water loss and irritation.

Other notable natural moisturizers to watch out for in the ingredients list include hydrogenated castor oil (Peg-40) and ethyl macadamiate, which work by trapping moisture and keeping the scalp soft and comfortable.

V. Superior Natural Emulsifier

Pomade ingredients need to be stabilized. The best formulations are also thick, resulting in a solid product that eliminates the need for synthetic/chemical preservatives and unnecessary packaging. Peg-7 is a notable superior natural emulsifier to look out for. It is made from coconut oil resulting in emulsification benefits, among other benefits. 

VI. Natural Hair Protector (like Argan Oil)

Pomade shouldn’t just make the hair look great and easy to style. It should also protect the hair. Argan oil offers such benefits. The oil is proven to repair hair damaged by chemical additives in hair products. Argan oil also restores shine and prevents further hair damage. 

VII. Organic Preservative

Lastly, the best pomade also needs an organic preservative to keep it safe, effective, and usable over long periods. Popular organic preservatives to look out for include Dmdm Hydantoin and Methylchloroisothiazolinone. Considering all the all-natural ingredients in the most effective pomades today, there is a need to have a natural preservative that will prolong the shelf life.

Are you ready to buy the best pomade in 2021 featuring the best pomade ingredient mix? Consider American-made Pomade brand – Andrew James!

What’s in the Best Pomade on Sale Today?


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