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What Male Grooming Products Are Here to Stay?

What Male Grooming Products Are Here to Stay? 1024 512 Andrew James Hair

What Male Grooming Products Are Here to Stay?


What Male Grooming Products Are Here to Stay?

The male grooming industry is a $55 billion+ industry currently expected to grow by 4.29% (CAGR) up to 2026. Recent reports indicate that men’s grooming has moved from the traditional emphasis on shaving only to personal care. Men’s grooming isn’t just about shaving creams and razors today. 

There’s more to grooming than shaving your beard with cream and a cutthroat razor. Grooming products have extended to personal aftercare products that focus on day-to-day care. Besides the obvious shavers and shaving cream, here are the male grooming products that are here to stay for decades in the male grooming world.

i. All-Natural Pomade

Men have always styled their hair. Pomade is a superior hair styling product for men that results in a universally admired shiny slick hair appearance. Pomade has been here for centuries and may very well be around for a few more centuries. 

In the 18th & 19th centuries, pomade was made using lard or bear fat. Today, the best pomades utilize ingredients like beeswax, lanolin wax, among other ingredients that offer better results. Top pomade brands continuously invest in R&D to come up with superior products.

Pomades that will be able to last are those that are all-natural with the ingredients that create a firm hold and rich shiny look. Men are also more interested in pomades that aren’t messy or challenging to clean. In this case, water-based pomades are most likely the future. What’s more, there is a shift to all-natural male grooming products free of chemical additives known to cause side effects. 

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ii. All-Natural Beard Oil

Beards have always been symbols of masculinity from ancient times. Long beards have been associated with dignity, wisdom, and honor in ancient times. Beards are still symbolic today. However, there have been very few male grooming products for beards until recently. 

Having a beard is no longer enough. The beard needs to be rich with color and resting on a well-moisturized surface. That’s where beard oil comes in! Popular culture may be responsible for beard products like beard oil that have taken the male grooming industry by shock.

Men have realized the benefits of applying a few drops of high-quality beard oil on their beards as part of their daily routine. This trend is expected to last. Beard oil preserves moisture, adds a rich shine, and soothes the skin underneath. However, beard oil needs to be high-quality. Superior beard oil brands like Andrew James Beard Oil offer added benefits like a frizz-free non-greasy application. 

iii. Tattoo Oil

A recent trend that spans a few decades has also given rise to another grooming product – tattoo oil. Initially, having a tattoo was enough. It wasn’t until tattoos lasted for years that people saw the importance of aftercare. Recent statistics show that 15% of all men in the US have tattoos. This translates to approximately 24 million men in the US in need of tattoo aftercare products. Considering the number of people with tattoos is expected to increase, tattoo oil is here to stay. 

The need to keep tattoos looking fresh for years makes tattoo oil an essential male grooming product for men with tattoos. The preference will obviously be on all-natural tattoo oils that are safe and effective in keeping tattoos looking great with added benefits like great smell. 

iv. Men’s Skincare Products

There are emerging skincare brands targeting millennials, Gen Z men, and beyond. Traditionally, skincare products have not been masculine. Gender-neutral branding is shifting the narrative and showing why it is important for both sexes to take care of their skin. 

Dialogue about men’s skincare is currently making men more explorative in the grooming space. Expect to see increasing focus from the traditional petroleum jelly to more specialized skincare products made specifically for men. 

Neutral branding and other clever marketing strategies are likely to eliminate restrictive male grooming standards. Deodorant, washing and shaving products will be sold alongside skincare products made to address men’s skin problems, ranging from inflamed skin to dryness and dullness. 

With 58% of men between 18-24 today already using moisturizing products, there is likely to be a general acceptance of male grooming products that address men’s skin problems like dryness. 


In a nutshell, the male grooming kit is growing in size. Shaving is no longer enough. Men need a superior hair styling product (pomade), beard oil specifically made to address beard problems, and tattoo oil for “men with ink”. Although men’s skincare products are relatively new, neutral branding is bound to encourage more men to pay attention to skin dryness, dullness, and other problems. 

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What Male Grooming Products Are Here to Stay?





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