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What Makes A Good Beard Oil

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What Makes A Good Beard Oil


The beard is probably the most neglected aspect of men’s grooming. A lot of individuals simply use their regular hair products on their beards and proceed to go about their day. While regular hair products might keep your beard looking presentable, beard oil will take it up a notch by making it look absolutely spectacular.

Beard oil is essential for every bearded man, as it helps to keep your facial hair healthy and moisturized. For some men, choosing the right product is a difficult task. This article highlights what makes a good beard oil, its benefits as well as the proper way of application.

Why Do You Need Beard Oil?

Beard oil offers you a lot of benefits that you cannot get from other products. Below are some of the reasons why you should be using a quality beard ointment.

It Softens The Beard:

  • Beard hair needs softening, as it is usually tougher in texture when compared to hair on the head. For this reason, the tough texture of beard hair makes grooming very difficult. This leaves your beard looking uneven and rough. With oil, your beard hair will have a smoother texture, making its grooming and styling much easier.

Fuller Looking:

  • Rough beard hair tends to look scraggly and uneven. Using oil will make your beard hair become smoother giving it the appearance of being fuller.

It Moisturizes The Skin:

  • A lot of men fail to realize that the skin underneath the beard needs care. You should care for it just like skin in every other area of the body. Using regular hair or body products will not properly moisturize the skin underneath your beard. This is because your beard hair will prevent them from penetrating. Beard oil on the other hand will get into and underneath the beard hair. The oil then moisturizes and nourishes your skin. It also keeps off dandruff, itch, and other hair problems from your beard.

Promotes Hair Growth:

  • This is because it moisturizes and nourishes the hair follicles. This is because the oil is formulated to work just like the natural oils which the body produces. This formulation helps in the growth of beard hair.

Fresh Smelling:

  • Beard oil usually comes in nice fragrances. As a result, your beard smells good whenever you use them. You want your beard smelling as nice as it looks, and this is the perfect product to achieve that.

What Makes A Good Beard Oil?

Many men have disclosed that they have a tough time determining the best beard oil product to purchase. This is understandable, as there is a large volume of products on the market. Knowing the important qualities to look out for in a beard oil will help you make a great choice. Below are some of the qualities to look out for when choosing one.

  • Quality Ingredients: Buying beard oil made of low-quality ingredients can trigger your sensitive skin, and result in several skin problems. The quality of the ingredients used is the top criteria to look out for in good beard oil. It is best to use one made from natural ingredients, as they are less likely to affect your hair and skin.

Good beard oil should contain two different types of oils, which are essential oil and carrier oil. Of these oils, carrier oil is the crucial part of every beard oil. This oil type is responsible for nourishing and moisturizing beard hair. The most effective carrier oils are grapeseed oil, coconut oil, argan oil, and coconut oil. Jojoba oil is best for people with sensitive skin.

On the other hand, grapeseed oil is great for restoring collagen. In the same vein, argan oil is known for its great moisturizing and hydration qualities. Similarly, coconut oil is an effective remedy for dandruff and inch. It also fights bacteria and fungi. These ingredients are best for your beard hair.

  • Certification of Quality: The product must adhere to cosmetic regulations for it to qualify as a good product. These certifications affirm that the oil is safe for use, and has good quality to be effective. ISO certification from the International Organisation of Standardisation is one of the cosmetic regulations that you should look out for. A quality ointment should have all the ingredients on the packaging. The company details as well as the estimated shelf life should also be highlighted on the container.
  • Ease Of Application: The ease of application is another factor that determines how good beard oil is. The oil should not be too heavy that it takes a gel-like form. It should be in liquid form while being rich enough to moisturize the beard hair effectively.
  • Packaging: Packaging is also very essential to its quality and effectiveness. Packaging influences the shelf life as well as ease of application. Amber glass is the best container for oil. It stands out due to its durability. Amber glass also helps to prevent plastic waste. For packaging, a product that comes with a dropper is the best choice. It is a top choice because a dropper improves the ease of application. The dropper allows gauging the quantity to be used, thereby preventing wastage.

How To Apply 

The best time to apply beard oil is immediately after taking a shower. After a shower, all the dirt is washed off your face. This leaves your skin pores open to absolve the oil. Right after the shower, towel-dry your face thoroughly. Proceed to put between three to ten drops of oil on your palm. Then apply the oil on your beard, making sure to massage it from the root to the tip. Continually massage your beard for about five minutes, to spread the beard oil evenly. For men with a long beard, use a beard brush to spread the beard oil evenly.


A fine beard always does the trick in upgrading your look. This is why it is important to groom your beard regularly using beard oil of the best quality. Choose a beard oil that meets all the criteria discussed above and you can be sure to have a healthy beard.

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