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What Is Matte Finish Pomade?

What Is Matte Finish Pomade? 500 500 Andrew James Hair

What Is Matte Finish Pomade?

What Is Matte Finish Pomade?

Matte finish pomades are a type of hair product that is used to give your hairstyle or look more grip and control. This blog post talks about the difference between matte finish and shine. We’ll also look at how it will help you achieve your desired style, and which products best suit different hair types.


Matte Finish Pomade Explained: The Difference between Shine and Smooth

Matte finish pomade gives off a dry look without the shine. This means that it will still have some sheen while also having an invisible texture with no weight or shine. You can use them for natural styles such as tousled waves or textured layers, slick back hairstyles, comb overs, and more. Best of all, mattes tend not to make your hair greasy if used properly. So there’s less chance of washing it out after every shower. On top of that, they’re easier to use because they don’t have the same shine as silicone-based pomades.


The Difference between Matte Finish and Shine Pomades

There are several differences between these two pomades. For starters, matte finish pomades offer a dry look without the shine that silicone-based ones have. This makes them great for natural hairstyles like tousled waves or textured layers, slick back styles, comb overs, and more.

Shine pomade is applied when you want an intense sheen on your hair – think shiny floorboards or metal surfaces from afar. It gives off a wet appearance thanks to its silicone content which provides a high-gloss finish. Shine pomades also have a heavier weight to them. This makes your hair feel thicker and less prone to flyaways – like matte finish ones.

However, shine pomade is more difficult to wash out of the hair because it has silicone content in the product that gives off an intense sheen when applied. This means you’ll need extra care with products designed for moisture or curl retention, so they don’t leave your locks feeling greasy after just one shower. Matte finishes are easier to work with since they’re not as shiny. This means there’s less chance of washing them out every time you get wet or use shampoo/conditioner again if used properly.


Which Matte Finish Pomade Should You Use?

Choosing the right matte finish pomade for your hair type is crucial to having a great hairstyle. For example, if you have frizzy or curly hair, it’s not a good idea that you use a silicone-based one. This is because they’re too heavy and will weigh down your locks with residue making them greasy.

In this case, we recommend our lightweight mattifying products, which are specifically designed to help control those pesky curls. If you don’t like shine on non-workdays, then go with an all-natural product such as Andrew James’ Matte Pomade. You will not only get a dry look but also an invisible texture with no weight or shine like silicone-based pomades.


How Regularly Should I use These Two Types of Pomade?

How regularly you use these two types of pomade is up to you. Matte finish is easier to wash out because it doesn’t have silicone content as shine does. So there’s a good chance that you’ll want to use one every day or two days max since they’re not as hard-holding. Shine isn’t such an issue but make sure to shampoo/conditioner your hair regularly in order to prevent greasiness after just a few showers.


What Pomades Work Best for Different Hair Types?

Different matte and shine products work best with different types of hair. Whether it’s frizzy curls, brittle straight locks, or coarse manes. For example, if you have frizzy curls, then we recommend our lightweight mattifying products. We have specifically designed them for controlling curly hair. Shine pomades, on the other hand, are great for straight or coarse hair to help add a wet sheen and slick finish like metal surfaces from afar.

The best way to find out which product is right for your specific needs is by contacting our team. We’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have about matte finish vs. shine products.


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