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What Does Pomade Do For Men’s Hair

What Does Pomade Do For Men’s Hair 1250 1250 Andrew James Hair

What Does Pomade Do For Men’s Hair

What-Does-Pomade-Do-For-Men's-Hair Styling men’s hair is usually not as easy as many people suppose. For many, choosing the right hair products and using them correctly is the major undoing. This is why it is important to have good knowledge about one of the best men’s hair products, pomade. Pomade has been used by men for some decades now and is one of the most trusted hair products across different demographics. In this article, we will discuss what pomade does for men’s hair, as well as the proper way of using it.

What Is Pomade?

Before discussing what pomade does for men’s hair, it is important to know what this hair product really is. Pomade is a gel-like hair product that is used for hairstyling, good for shining and holds. Typically, pomade helps to achieve a slick appearance when applied to the hair. It offers the flexibility to restyle your hair several times during the day. Hair pomade comes in two types which are petroleum-based hair pomade and water-based hair pomade. The two types of hair pomades are discussed below.

Petroleum-based Hair Pomade

Petroleum-based hair pomade usually contains waxy materials such as petroleum, paraffin, or grease. This is why petroleum-based hair pomade gives your hair the best slickness and shine. It is however usually a bit difficult to wash this type of pomade out of the hair, sometimes requiring multiple shampoo washes. Petroleum-based hair pomade gives your hair moisture, great hold, and usually lasts long. Its downside is the stress that comes with washing it off, as well as the greasy outlook that it gives the hair.

Water-Based Hair Pomade

Unlike petroleum-based hair pomade, water-based pomades do not contain any waxy materials. This makes water-based hair pomade very easy to wash out of the hair. Water-based pomades however water, if you are looking to restyle your hair during the day. In addition to being easy to wash out, water-based hair pomade also has a long-lasting hold on the hair, while keeping it free from grease. Water-based hair pomade might however prove hard to comb.

Benefits Of Hair Pomade – What Pomade Does For Men’s Hair

Hair pomade has a lot of benefits for men’s hair, which is why it is trusted as a choice product by many men. Explained below is all that pomade does for men’s hair.

  • Durability: Hair pomade is a very durable hair product that keeps your hair looking good all through the day. Your hair not only stays looking good for long hours, but you can also restyle it whenever you want. Asides from your hair, hair pomade can also be used to style your goatee, beard, sideburns, and mustache. Your hair stays just as you want it unless you wish to restyle.
  • Elegance: Hair pomade makes your hair look elegant, as it gives it slickness and shine. Your hair while looking naturally stays neat, leaving you with a clean outlook all through the day.
  • Hairstyling: Hairstyling is stress-free when you use hair pomade. The primary function of hair pomade is hairstyling, and it is quite effective. Your hair takes whatever style you want, and stays that way all through the day. If you feel the need to restyle, you can easily do that without stress.
  • Versatility: Hair pomade is versatile in the sense that, it is suitable for different hair lengths whether short or long hair. You can also use it to achieve different hairstyles, be it a casual look or something professional.

How To Apply Hair Pomade

After learning what pomade does for men’s hair, the application is next. Applying pomade on your hair properly is important for the best results. If you want your hair to look slick and neat all through the day, you must apply the hair pomade the right way. Below is a step-by-step guide on how to apply hair pomade. 

  • Wash Your Hair: This is where a lot of individuals get it wrong. Using pomade on unwashed hair that contains grease, dirt and dust is counterproductive, and will not give you the best results. The first thing to do before applying pomade is to wash your hair thoroughly.
  • Towel-dry Your Hair: Towel-drying your hair is also very important when using pomade. You however do not want to get your hair completely dry, leave a little dampness that will ease the process of application.
  • Emulsify A Small Portion Of Hair Pomade: You must emulsify the pomade before applying it to your hair so that it is evenly spread on the hair. Determining the amount of pomade to use can be quite tricky, especially since different product types have varying rules for application. To be on the safe side, small size of pomade up to your pinky fingernail is enough. Rub it between your fingers and proceed to spread it evenly across your fingertips. Apply on your hair ensuring it spread evenly. In the case that pinky-sized pomade is not enough, you can add more repeating the emulsifying process.
  • Pay Attention To Your Hair Roots: When applying pomade to your hair, the roots should be your first concern. This is because the roots of your hair determine the direction which your hair takes when styling. Put the pomade in your hair roots, and massage it using your fingertips.
  • Spread The Pomade Around Your Hair: For the best effect, spread the pomade evenly around your hair. After you must have taken care of the roots, focus on spreading the hair product uniformly on your hair. This will further ease styling, and make your hair stay in place throughout the day.
  • Comb It Through: Combing your hair through is the last step in applying the pomade evenly. Combing will ensure that the shine of your hair is present on every side of your head. Hairstyling then follows after this. You can be sure of getting any hairstyle you want after following this process.


Hair pomade is a must-have hair product for every man. Getting high-quality hair pomade will ensure that you look dapper every day, without a single strand of hair out of place. Be sure to get a hair pomade of the best quality from trusted manufacturers, and you can be sure to enjoy it.

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