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The Alpha Male Grooming Guide: Pomade, Beard Oil, and More!

The Alpha Male Grooming Guide: Pomade, Beard Oil, and More! 2560 1707 Andrew James Hair

The Alpha Male Grooming Guide: Pomade, Beard Oil, and More!

The Alpha Male Grooming Guide: Pomade, Beard Oil, and More!

Women are far more advanced in grooming than men. However, men are catching up, given the size of the male grooming industry in countries like the US is projected to grow to $73.6 billion

If you desire to groom like an Alpha who commands respect and admiration in equal measure, here are male grooming products that you must consider adding. 

Remember, it’s a proven fact that looks dictate a person’s psychological well-being. Maybe that’s why the ultimate alpha male has a specific look. Does a beard, tattoos, and healthy, rich, perfectly groomed hair sound familiar? 

3 Must-have Alpha Male Grooming Products

I. Pomade 

Having the best barber isn’t enough. You’ll need a superior hair product to keep your hair looking great all day. Pomade is the difference between having good and great hair. The waxy, greasy substance is the ultimate styling accessory for men who want to have perfectly styled hair all day long. Pomade also adds a shiny slick appearance to complete the look of a dominant male. 

If you wonder how some men manage to have perfectly styled hair every day without visiting a barber, Pomade is their secret. The hair styling product has been available for centuries. It contains several ingredients, the most notable being beeswax or other alternatives like carnauba wax that offer the same benefits. 

Typical hair spray or gel won’t get you exceptional-looking hair. Pomade made using beeswax, among other waxes, ensures hairstyles last longer. In fact, Pomade is the secret to creating classic men’s hairstyles worn by many alphas. Most importantly, Pomade will work regardless of the type of hair.

Get the best all-natural American-made Pomade for men’s hair NOW!

II. Beard Oil

If you plan to grow a beard like most alphas, beard oil is a must-have. To have an exceptionally full and rich beard, you can’t use a regular facial oil or leave your beard as it is without applying anything. Beard oil is specially formulated to deal with common beard problems like hardness, dryness, loose ends, and more. 

The best beard oils contain ingredients like all-natural essential oils that hydrate the skin and beard without producing excessive oiliness. The oils also work for all hair lengths and types. Other problems addressed by beard oil include itchiness. Alpha males don’t have itchy or dry beards! Their beards are also rich with superior shine and control. 

Washing and combing your beard isn’t enough! You need a superior product that protects your skin, allows you the freedom to style, delivers superior richness and shine while dealing with dryness, itchiness, and other common beard problems. The beard oil also needs to be all-natural to be safe for use. 

Buy all-natural American-made beard oil.

III.  Tattoo Oil

If you have ink, you must consider adding tattoo oil to your male grooming kit. As the name suggests, tattoo oil is special oil formulated for use on tattoos. The best tattoo oils in the market are made up of mostly all-natural essential oils with proven skin benefits. They come with other benefits like great scents. 

Tattoo oil gives tattoos a brand-new look by keeping the area of the skin perfectly hydrated. The oil also works well with new tattoos by preventing infection, speeding up the healing process, and preventing other problems like tattoo fading. Most importantly, the best products don’t leave a greasy mess. 

Revive the appearance of your tattoos by ditching regular lotions and adding tattoo oil to your grooming kit. 


To look great and be the best version of yourself as a man, you need Pomade, beard oil, and tattoo oil if you have tattoos. However, having and using these products won’t mean much if they aren’t high quality and safe. Consider male grooming brands that sell high-quality, all-natural products to enjoy the best results minus the side effects of using products with artificial/chemical additives. Try one of the best, if not the best American-made all-natural grooming products brand today


The Alpha Male Grooming Guide: Pomade, Beard Oil, and More!


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