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Shaping Cream or Pomade?

Shaping Cream or Pomade? 500 500 Andrew James Hair

Shaping Cream or Pomade?


Shaping Cream or Pomade?

When it comes to shaping your hair, there are two main options. You can go with a cream or pomade. The decision is not that simple, though. There are pros and cons for both types of products. This blog post will discuss how they differ and which one is better suited for you.


Shaping Cream or Pomade: How to Choose Between the Two


Shaping cream is a bit more versatile. With it, you can easily manipulate your hair into many different hairstyles. Since the product is already in an easy-to-use form at the start of styling, all you need to do is shape and mold it like clay.

If this sounds good for you, then go ahead with shaping cream. On the other hand, Pomade will give you some extra hold that’s not available from shaped creams. This allows pomades to last longer than their counterparts; perfect if you want something that will stay put no matter what. You might also enjoy how light they are compared to shaping creams that tend to be heavier because they are thickened up with waxes and oils. They also provide a shinier finish than cream.

To choose what suits you best, evaluate your hair type first. If you have dry or thick strands of hair, then go for shapers that are light in texture like pomade so they will reflect natural oils from your skin.

On the other hand, if you have fine or oily locks, then use something more heavy-duty such as shaped cream, since this gives weightless hold without weighing down your style with grease buildup.

Another factor to consider is the styling. If you’re going for a messier look, then go with shaping cream since it will stay messy as time goes on and won’t set like pomade can.

Finally, think about how long your hair would be styled straight or curved at the end of the day. Shaping creams tend to last longer than their counterparts but if you have curly locks looking pretty wavy by noon, then use something lighter in texture such as pomades, so they don’t weigh down your style too much.


Benefits of Using Pomade


Pomade comes with a raft of benefits, which include:

The ability to create a stronghold. If you want your hairstyle to stay in place no matter what, go for pomade! The product will last longer and provide more of a weightless hold than shaped creams which are heavier and thicker because they contain waxes or oils.

Pomades shine better than shaping cream, so this is perfect if you like something shiny without any heaviness on the scalp from using thickening agents. This also means less buildup since it doesn’t stick as much as some other products with oils typically do.

It is easier to create volume at the roots, which can be tricky when using shapers like shape creams. Shape creams tend to weigh down your hair and make it flat.


Benefits of Using Shaping Creams


Shapers like shaping cream come with benefits too, such as:

The ability for styling versatility. With this, you can create a variety of hairstyles. Just wet and comb your hair to the desired texture before applying it, then mold it into shape.

The product is already in an easy-to-use form, so there’s no waiting around or having to mix anything up as with pomades which come in liquid form at first that need some preparation before use. This also means they’re easier for travel since all you need is one container.

Shaping creams are thicker than their counterparts because of waxes and oils being included in them. At the same time, pomades contain only oil without any additives like waxes or emollients (except if they have beeswax). They tend to last longer too.

Shape creams with beeswax are better for dry hair since it will seal the cuticle and make your strands stronger. You can also use this if you’re working out or sweating a lot as shape cream stands up against sweat and doesn’t run off as oils do.

Shaping creams come in various textures, unlike pomades which only come in one type: oil-based products. This means there’s an option for everyone from lightweight shaping creams to heavy-duty ones made specifically for thick, coarse locks because they contain waxes along with oils, too, while none exist within pomades.

Shaping Cream or Pomade?

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