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Pomade Types & Guide on Usage

Pomade Types & Guide on Usage 2048 2048 Andrew James Hair

Pomade Types & Guide on Usage


Pomade is a hairstyling product that many people use to keep their hair in place. It has been around for decades, and it’s still as popular today as it was when it first came out. In this blog post, we’ll go over the different types of pomades available on the market and how you can use them to style your hair in an easy way.


Pomade Types & Usage Guide


Thickening Pomade

If you are looking for thicker and fuller hair, then this is the pomade for you. It will give your hair a much better hold and add thickness to it. This is great if you have thin or flat hair. The pomade is especially great for the bangs, which will also be thicker and fuller.


Control Pomade

This type of pomade is great if you want to maintain a certain hairstyle throughout the day while retaining some flexibility in your hair. It has a light hold that is perfect for those who are not looking to change their style at any moment during the day but still need control over it from time to time when needed. The lighter nature of this pomade makes it easy to apply. So you can take just what’s necessary without taking too much or too little.


Cream Pomade

This type of pomade gives a light hold with high shine for those who want more natural-looking waves or curls in their hair.  This product is typically less greasy than other types. So you will need to use much less during styling if you are particular about that sort of thing.

For curly styles that require a lot of volume, this might not work as well. However, it does have some nice features for people who just want something simple like beach waves or loose curls at the ends. The cream can also add moisture to your hair and is great for people who have dry curls from time to time.


Clay Pomade

If you need something heavy-duty, clay pomades are what you want. They work by adding texture and volume without weighing down or flattening any of the natural oils in your hair either. The clay prevents your hair from getting greasy or oily too quickly and can also act as a styling gel that gives any type of style you’re going for. It’s best to apply the pomade before blow-drying since it is dry, but if you need something quick, then just comb it through wet hair with water.


Wax pomade

If you want high shine and sleek hair, try wax pomade. They are perfect for people who want something that is hard to mess up and will give you a nice, shiny finish without the frizz or flyaways you get with other products. Waxes also work best on thick hair since they offer more control over your style while keeping it sleek looking as well.

Some waxes can feel stiff, though, so if this bothers you, then definitely try another type instead, like cream pomades or clay pomades, which have less of an oily feeling in comparison but still provide great hold at the same time.


Texture pomade

Looking for messy textured hair with no shine? This type of pomade is for you. Textured pomades offer a lot of body to your hair and also add some nice, subtle waves or curls that are perfect for those who like messy styles. It’s important not to apply too much, though, since it could make your hair greasy and flat if the product isn’t spread evenly through all strands in your head.

The best way to use this type of pomade is by working it into damp hair before blow-drying, so you get maximum effects from the light texture created by the wetness on top with a textured look at the bottom when dry as well. This will give you an edgier style without any added weightiness or stiffness associated with other types mentioned earlier while still providing control.

Check out our products and discover what pomade will best suit your style.


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