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Pomade and Baldness 

Pomade and Baldness  2000 1326 Andrew James Hair

Pomade and Baldness

What Really Causes Premature Hair Loss Problems in Men? 

Pomade and Baldness: What Really Causes Premature Hair Loss Problems in Men? 

Does Pomade Cause Baldness?

No! There is no scientific evidence stating that pomade causes baldness or premature hair loss in men. Any reports linking pomade to hair loss haven’t been verified beyond a reasonable doubt. 

What is Pomade? Do the Ingredients Cause Premature Hair Loss?

Pomade is a hair styling product that dates back centuries. The original pomade of the 18th and 19th centuries was composed mainly of lard or bear fat. Modern pomade is predominantly made of beeswax, lanolin, and petroleum jelly. The main purpose of pomade has always been to give hair a slick, shiny appearance and make styling simpler. There has been no indication of hair loss linked to the main ingredients that make up pomade. 

Most importantly, if you use 100% all-natural pomade made using all-natural ingredients, you shouldn’t worry about any premature hair loss or pomade and baldness reports.

Common Causes of Hair Loss or Baldness in Men

Other factors are to blame for most incidences of premature hair loss in men. The main factors include;

i. Harsh Hair Products

It’s also worth noting that reports pointing to hair products could be linked to other factors. For instance, Men’s Health research indicates that harsh hair ingredients in shampoos and other products men use could be responsible for premature hair loss. Harsh chemicals can stress the hair and weaken it.

Alcohol is a common culprit known for drying out hair, making it susceptible to breakage. Water-based products are better for washing out hair. 

ii. Barber-Level Damage

Your barber could also be the reason you may be experiencing premature hair loss. Instead of blaming pomade, shift your focus to the chemicals and treatments known to damage hair i.e., chemical relaxers. The race to get rid of gray hair using dye is also to blame.

Chemicals and treatments at barbershops can break the outer hair layer known to keep curls intact. When such bonds are broken, hair becomes straighter but develops underlying weakness. Dyes have chemical agents that can irritate the scalp causing allergic reactions that cause thinning. 

In a nutshell, if you must go for hair straightening or dying, visit a professional barbershop that won’t solve one problem while creating another.

iii. Harmful Techniques

Hair loss happens naturally on a daily basis. We lose 50-100 hair strands daily as per the AAD. This may be linked to washing, hair brushing, combing, styling, etc. However, some techniques can increase premature hair loss. Something as simple as washing your hair aggressively many times daily may not be a good thing. You aren’t supposed to see a notable difference in your hair volume on a daily basis. 

iv. Male Pattern Baldness

Your premature hair loss could also be genetic. In fact, most pomade and baldness reports are linked to an inherited condition – male pattern baldness. The problem affects approximately 16% of all men aged 18-29 and approximately 53% of all men aged 40 and above. 

Genes alongside a hormone known as DHT are linked to the problem. DHT is a testosterone by-product that makes someone predisposed to baldness. The hormone is known to damage hair follicles and cause hair loss over time.

v. Stress

Stress can also cause premature hair loss. Stress-linked hair loss (Telogen effluvium) affects the entire scalp and results in distinctive hair loss (diffuse pattern). However, the hair loss isn’t permanent and tends to stop when the stress subsides. 

vi. Medication and Autoimmune Disease-Linked Hair Loss

Some autoimmune diseases can also cause hair loss, such as traction alopecia, anagen effluvium, and tinea capitis. The immune system is known to mistakenly attack hair follicles when one has certain autoimmune diseases. Some medications can also cause hair loss.

In a nutshell, before you point to pomade, check the above common causes of premature hair loss. In fact, pomade can help you deal with premature hair loss. 

Dealing With Premature Hair Loss Using Pomade

Pomade works for men with hair thinning problems. You can style your hair a certain way to disguise your hairline and hair volume issues. Pomade can also give you a greater hold of your hair all day, making it harder to notice thinning. 

However, you must use the best quality pomade you can find today! 

Pomade and Baldness: Use 100% Natural Pomade Only!

There are countless pomade brands out there, most of which aren’t as good as advertised. The best pomades are all-natural with 100% organic ingredients. They don’t contain harsh chemicals that can damage hair, cause irritation, or other hair-loss-related problems. 

The pomade brand you choose should also be tested and proven. Most importantly, it needs to be made by experts! 

Andrew James Pomade is one such brand. The pomade is 100% all-natural American-made. It is also crafted by individuals with first-hand barber experience and unmatched passion for men’s hair.


Pomade and Baldness



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