A Barber Crafted Story

Barber Crafted.

Andrew always knew his passion was hair, ever since he was a kid—having started cutting hair when he was just 13. Drawn to his expert craftsmanship, dedication, warmth and innate desire to make everyone look their best, his clientele continued to grow. So much so that, when he graduated, he had 60 to 70 clients showing up to his garage to get their hair cut. Even in 8°F! Having planned the opening of his barbershops since those early years, Andrew never sacrificed his vision. He knew how he wanted the shops to look and feel, and most importantly, the experience he wanted his clients to have. Now he brings the same dedication to his grooming line. Simple, effective products that do exactly what they say they do. Built on decades of experience, hustle and craftsmanship.

Andrew James Hair

Our pomades come in three different types. Each product is scientifically formulated to carry out its function effectively.
We have hair products for every look!

Barber Crafted. American Made.

American Made.

Anyone who has been to a barbershop knows that great partnerships start in the chair. That’s how Wayne and Andrew met. Wayne, with his business acumen, knew that Andrew’s desire to start his grooming line was exactly what the market needed. Sure, there are good men’s products out there; a good pomade from one line, another good product from a completely different line. Not one line that brought men exactly what they needed under the same umbrella and that is the driving principle of Andrew James; bringing simple, effective products that work for you. We’d like to welcome you to the Andrew James family and thank you for joining along for the ride. Go forth looking fresh.


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