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Who can Andrew James appeal to?  

People may buy a product, but they join a movement. Andrew James’ users are not one defined by age, race or social status. Instead, what unifies them is their shared goal for finding products that make them look and feel good.

They want to have a go-to, one-stop, trusted line for all their grooming needs—knowing that the product they are looking at will work. They don’t want to waste their time researching and comparing various products—just to ultimately still not find the option they were looking for.

Convenience and trust are key, but they also want to look good and feel good—about themselves and about using this product.

In a vertical saturated with indistinguishable products that all make claims they cannot keep, the Andrew James’ audience is the one that’s looking for something different. Each newsletter, we will highlight and educate our users. Lets begin!


The "I Only Feel 100% When My Hair is Just Right" Man

The friend that you turn to when you need product or fashion recommendations, this man understands that the secret of looking his best starts and ends with his hair. Always eager to find the just-right product for himself, this man will happily dedicates his time online and IRL to search for the things that make him look his best.

This segment of the audience is very well researched about ingredients, their benefits and knows exactly what he feels he needs. They are highly opinionated and share their opinions widely. They easily become brand loyal when they find the right match.


Our Proposition 

Andrew James Hair Co. is the one-stop-shop for men’s hair and grooming products. Crafted with experience, by real barbers, these products always keep their promise.

“Keep it Classic” Original Pomade 

This month, we are highlight our "Keep it Classic" Original Pomade; crafted from these key ingredients Castor Wax, Argan Oil, and Macadamia Oil – is for guys looking to create timeless, classic hair styles with a fresh feel.  A firm hold with a nice, medium shine—this isn’t your father’s pomade, its going to nourish and care for your hair over time

Visit our SHOP and check out all our products for your grooming needs. 

Go Forth Looking Fresh

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