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The Andrew James Fresh Talk 

We are proud to announce our very first weekly communication to our Wholesales partners and our potential partners. Who are we? Andrew James Hair Co. is the one stop shop for men’s hair grooming products. Crafted with the experience, by real barbers, these products keep their promise. Andrew James exists to create expertly crafted products that work. We are dedicated to making you look and feel your best. Our users are not one defined by age, race or social status. Instead, what unifies them is their shared goal for finding products that make them look and feel good. 

Our Social

The Andrew James Hair Co. Instagram page shares stories and features some of our favorite products, friends and family from our community. From the East to West Coast, we wanted to share our stories to give you the complete experience. Making our friends feel and look great is our number one priority and we take pride in doing such. So we've hand-picked our favorites, stories from our customers, partners and much more and spread them across our social feed just so you can see experience. Please follow us and join the family!


Join the Family

Interested in becoming part of the family, to request samples email us at and we will send you a sample kit to get you started. Wea re offering competitive programs to ensure you experience with our brand is top notch. We understand that during this pandemic we have all been impacted, so we want to help by adding a fresh new product to your profile that stands behind natural, value and customer service.

The Brand

Grooming and hair products have a unique place in our lives. They are as much about treating ourselves well and taking care of ourselves in a visible way as they are about getting for the day, for that date, that meeting or just making sure you look good for yourself. This is why we focused on the top trends today. We offer a variety of pomades, from a Clay, Mattes, Medium and Strong holds and of course our most popular our Beard and Tattoo Oil. Please visit our site to learn more about each product and we hope that you try a few samples on us!

Go Forth Looking Fresh

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