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Barber Spotlight   

This month, we are highlight Michelle Annelise Russo, who owns and operates a private studio salon in New Jersey. Her business is by appointment only which she has manifested and coddled over the course of her 15 year career! Where she has the luxury of catering to her clients and friends around the clock to her leisure. She is genuinely intrigued and inspired by the industry everyday. Very similar to people, this industry is always evolving! 

She has been a licensed hairstylist since 2009. She was first introduced to the industry around 16 when she enrolled in a cosmetology program at her local vocational technical school! But the journey started way before that. As early as the age of 7 she remembers cutting all the hair on her dolls in her own way with what she thought was precision and utmost care. She treated them like people. 

Contact: Shelly21xo- Instagram Snapchat & TikTok

More about Michelle...

This industry is her niche in the world of giving back and helping others. Which she hates to admit but she absolutely enjoys it to no end. She can talk about hair at any point in time, she could perform her skill with her eyes closed, and she can educate/demonstrate based off 15 active years behind the chair. 

Her only objective is to make people (through her skill and passion) look and feel as good on the outside as she hopes to make her clients feel on the inside while they’re sitting in her chair. She loves talking to people and she loves getting to know new people. Of course she does her due diligence to inspire others to live as happily doing what they love as she does what she loves.

Regarding Andrew James, she has used every single AJ product that has been graciously provided, and she likes them all! But anything with a natural and dry finish has her heart right now! She is very much in love with the Andrew James VIBES clay pomade! It gives a firm hold but pliable so you can change it out the day without flakes or crunching. Plus she loves a natural/matte finish on any hair style.


Join the Family

Interested in becoming part of the family, to request samples email us at and we will send you a sample kit to get you started. We are offering competitive programs to ensure you experience with our brand is top notch. We understand that during this pandemic we have all been impacted, so we want to help by adding a fresh new product to your profile that stands behind natural, value and customer service.

Product of the Month 

Clay Pomade "Vibes" - Texturizes and molds hair into place to deliver a strong, flexible hold. Works well in any hair type, for example; straight or curly. Run a comb through your hair for a more finished look for a natural matte look with less definition.

Infused with Green Apple Scent 

Go Forth Looking Fresh

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