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Men’s Hairstylist Basics

Men’s Hairstylist Basics 350 350 Andrew James Hair

Men’s Hairstylist Basics

Every man needs to know how to do his hair, not just because it’s a social necessity. It is also important that you are well-groomed if you want to put your best foot forward in the workplace or on a date with someone special. You can find many tutorials online for men’s hairstyling basics, but in this post, we will be giving you some quick tips to help you make the best of your hair. Here we go:

Men's Hairstylist Basics

Men’s Hairstylist Basics

Use a comb to brush your hair before getting out of the shower.

It will wet your hair and make it easier to work with if you use a shampoo or conditioner while brushing, but just regular water is fine too. Make sure you get all tangles out using short strokes and gently pulling on each tangle until it comes loose. This is essential for men’s hairstylist basics.


Men’s hair styling products are important

They help keep your locks in place throughout the day when used correctly. Pomade is great for thinning hair that needs some shaping up. Mousse and gel work well as long as you have thick enough hair. Wax can be good for slicking down unruly hairs. Wax also works well on curly or wavy hair.

Also, using hair products can help make your hairstyle stand out more if the style of haircut you have is already simple by nature. For example: If you’re rocking an undercut with bangs on top – using pomade will give extra definition to those edges, while mousse gives volume at the roots (for a guy who has thick hair). 

Use a blow dryer to make your locks look shiny and neat

A blow dryer will make your hair puff up and look great. If you’re styling a “messy bun” or something similar, use the blow dryer to make it messier.

The best way is to start from the bottom of the head and work your way up using a blow dryer on long hair. This will give that tousled-yet-polished look that works well for boys with longer locks who want their mane looking good without actually having to do anything too fancy every morning (or after showering).

Beard oil is great for keeping the skin under the beard moisturized

Keep some good quality beard oil on hand at all times to avoid itchiness and some of those embarrassing breakouts of red bumps around the beard. This makes the list for men’s hairstylist basics.

Men’s shampoo and conditioner 

It’s not necessary to shampoo every day. It can actually strip the natural oils in your scalp, causing a dryer appearance. Aim for three days between regular shampoos. This will also help maintain the condition of your strands. Conditioners are great for keeping long or thick locks from getting too greasy at their roots after showering.

Water is key!

The most important thing you need when styling any kind of man-hair is water – lots and lots of it. If possible, use iced cold water on damp locks before blow-drying them off. It gives that extra sleek shine. It also maintains some volume up top, especially if you use an appropriate size round brush. If you have thinning edges/crown, use a large round brush to avoid further thinning.

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