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How To Use Hair Clay Pomade

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How To Use Hair Clay Pomade


Are you asking yourself, how to use hair clay pomade? One of the most sought-after hairstyling products is hair clay pomade. Different reasons exist as to why hair clay is preferred to many other sorts of hair products. Perhaps, the most important of these reasons is that it helps combat diverse hair challenges. Likewise, hairstyling with clay is also preferred because it helps to nourish the hair. As you apply clay pomade to your hair, you can be sure that it will keep it healthy and maintain the styled hair for a longer period of time. More importantly, hairstyling becomes a lot easier with the usage of clay. Later on, the appropriate procedures to follow using clay for hairstyling will be discussed in full.

What ingredients are in hair clay pomades?

Clay Pomade contains ingredients that are both petroleum and water-based. This is perhaps one of the reasons why it has gained ground over other similar products used in hairstyling. Worthy of note is the fact that clay can be used even after preprocessing. Though using clay alone may strengthen the hair, you may be forced to use other products to either clean or dry the hair before its application. However, the preprocesses should not be considered a substitute for clay use, rather than it helps to prepare the hair.

Due to the fact that it is both an oil-based and water-based mixture, it keeps hair shining for a longer period of time. Clay also provides a good grip for the hair. It removes germs in a systematic way. This makes it more preferable to gel, pastes, and foams. Due to the relative novelty in the use of clay as a product for hairstyling, here is a guide on how to apply it to your hair:

Hair Cleaning

Clay pomade works effectively for germ removal, therefore, it is important to note that you would always need to prepare the hair for its actions. Hair cleaning is the process of washing and drying the hair. Though clay also nourishes hair, it is better in combating germs. Therefore, when you clean up the hair by washing, you are opening up portals for the clay to work, thus making it more effective.

Men’s Hair Products

You should wash and dry your hair properly before application. You could even use some other products to clean your hair. Concerning drying, you might use a hand dryer. There is a general tip while using a dryer, try to keep it at medium heat and avoid incessant proximity with your hair. Once you are done, make sure to leave it to cool down.. It is essential that you keep your hair in a natural temperate condition to enable the clay to be effective in its workings.

First Application

You will need to get a small amount of clay from the jar. The ideal thing is to apply proportionately to the amount of your hair. That is the thicker your hair, the more clay you would require. Do not apply large quantities at a go, even for very thick hair. Ideally, apply bit by bit and massage gently into the hair with your hand. There are no strict directions as to the amount to use. Usage may also depend on the purpose. The purpose of using clay for germ removing will be different from using it as a hair grip and many other things. You should consider why you are using it.

Gentle Rub

After applying a little quantity of the clay, rub it warmly with your two hands. You would observe mild warmth in between your hands and the hair.  This will confirm that the activities of the clay on the hair have commenced. The warmth should last for about 5  to 10 seconds. This stage serves as a link between the initial application and the final stage of application. As you apply in bits, ensure that your hair feels warm. This stage is important for those interested in using clay for germ removal.

Uniform Application

At this stage, you want to ensure that the pomade is distributed around your hair evenly. As you apply, it is normal for the concentrations to differ at different parts of your hair. Leaving it like this could either cause it not to work on your hair or leave some parts without impact. It is best to ensure that clay circulates around your hair. The way to go about this is to check through your hair as you apply it. Make sure to apply the clay in a small amount till it gets evenly distributed all around the hair. Also, ensure that as you are applying, you are feeling the warmth on your palms.

Finish Up

Now it’s time to fix up the points that you may have missed during your application. You could do this either by using a comb or by hand. This makes the clay work.  This stage serves as the last touch to achieve desired results. Remember to check the foot of your hair and the frontages.

Add Up

This stage is not compulsory and is required only if there is a need to add more product. If the need arises for the addition of any more clay pomade, you should do so, to ensure that you reach your styling goal and the pomade is evenly concentrated in the hair.


Using clay pomade has diverse advantages, which has made it in high demand. It helps to combat hair germs and nourish the hair more than gel and pastes.

How to use hair clay pomade


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