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How to Prevent Tattoo Fading

How to Prevent Tattoo Fading 858 572 Andrew James Hair

How to Prevent Tattoo Fading


How to Prevent Tattoo Fading

If you have a tattoo, then you know how important it is to take care of your body art. You want to keep it looking as fresh and vibrant as the day that it was applied. However, with all the things that we do in our lives (exercising, working out, swimming), there are some steps we can take to prevent tattoo fading and make sure that our tattoos always look their best.


Tips for Preventing Tattoo Fading 


Wear sunscreen – even if you’re not in the sun

Good quality sunscreen will not only protect your skin from harmful rays but will also keep any bacteria at bay. When you’re using sunscreen for the first time, it’s important to test a small area of your tattoo before applying generously over the rest of it, as some products can react with ink and cause fading.


Use a tattoo oil of good quality.

Tattoo oil has essential oils which will help to keep your tattoo looking fresh and vibrant. However, the key is getting the right one. Tattoo oils are made for different parts of the body, and it’s important that you use one which is designed to protect tattoos from fading. Check out our Tattoo oil designed to keep your tattoo looking fresh and vibrant.


Keep it clean

Wash regularly to remove any buildup of bacteria. Your tattoos will fade quicker if you don’t keep them clean. When washing, make sure not to scrub the ink as this can cause fading or loss of detail in the design. Pat dry with a soft towel, so there’s no rubbing involved.


Keep it out of the sun.

Try to stay away from lots of direct sunlight. If you have a tattoo that is on an area that’s exposed during the day, make sure you’re always wearing sunscreen and are aware of how long your tattoo can be in full sunlight without damage. Wearing clothing over tattoos will also help keep them cool.


Keep it moisturized

Moisturizing your tattoo is important to maintain its suppleness. It will also help get rid of any dry areas which can cause ink lifting and fading when working out or swimming. Use a good quality, lightweight lotion that is not oily and can be rubbed in easily.


Wash thoroughly after swimming

Wash after swimming even if there’s no visible sign of dirt on the surface. When we’re in the water, bacteria naturally multiply. So by washing our bodies properly post-swim, we can prevent infection caused by lingering germs. When showering, make sure to cleanse with soap all over, including around any piercings (rings, bars) which sit close to the area where your tattoo sits.


Rinse with non-alcoholic, fragrance-free soap

This is to prevent any alcohol or fragrance which may react adversely with the ink in your tattoo and cause it to fade. If you have sensitive skin, then choose an unscented product as this can be more gentle on the area around the tattoo. Avoid using anything containing oatmeal (because of possible reactions). Use cool water when washing off so that there’s no chance of irritation from heat coming into contact with your new body artwork.


Use essential oils

Essential oils are also good for tattoos because they help keep bacteria at bay. Try lavender oil if you want something natural.


Wear loose clothing

When you’re wearing tight or restrictive clothes, it’s important to note that the additional friction can cause ink lifting and fading. It also helps to keep your tattoo from feeling irritated or uncomfortable when exercising, working out, or swimming. Wear looser clothing like cotton, which will help prevent rubbing on a fresh area of skin.


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