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How Does Tattoo Oil Work? Differences With Regular Oil

How Does Tattoo Oil Work? Differences With Regular Oil 1600 1600 Andrew James Hair

How Does Tattoo Oil Work? Differences With Regular Oil


How Does Tattoo Oil Work? Differences With Regular Oil

Behind every great-looking tattoo is a talented tattoo artist. However, the best tattoo artist alone won’t get you exceptional results. After getting a brand-new tattoo, you need to think about aftercare which lasts for weeks. 

It’s up to you to handle the tattoo healing process to ensure a perfect outcome that looks as when your tattoo was brand new. One of the most important tattoo aftercare products is tattoo oil. 

Tattoo oil vs. Regular Oil?

While you may be tempted to apply regular skincare products like lotion or petroleum jelly, tattoo oils have been specially formulated to guarantee the best outcome. The main difference is in the purpose. 

Tattoo oils have been made to address just about any tattoo-related problem thinkable. To understand why you need special oil for your tattoo as opposed to regular oil or lotion, here’s a discussion on how tattoo oil works.

How Does Tattoo Oil Work?

Tatoo oil works for the good of tattoos in several ways. The main ways include;

I. Moisturizing the Skin

Getting a tattoo is a process characterized by skin trauma. Tattoo oil is needed to keep the area moisturized. The best tattoo oils out there contain essential oils that offer unmatched skin moisturizing benefits. They create a moisture barrier that prevents common problems like drying, which compromise the healing process and final outcome of a tattoo. 

Unlike regular skincare products, tattoo oils are formulated with heavily moisturizing oils that instill a protective moisture barrier on the skin, protecting the tattoo in the process. Dry tattoos tend to itch and flake, altering how they look.

Oil isn’t just recommended for new tattoos. Moisturized tattoos look better regardless of age. The oil will make the tattoo colors more distinct and keep the tattoo looking great for years. The skin will also look healthier.  

II. Calming the Skin

Tattoo oils also work by calming the skin. The anti-inflammatory benefits of the main ingredients in the best tattoo oils (essential oils) have been studied widely. Essential oils are proven to soothe irritated and damaged skin. 

Considering tattoos irritate and damage the skin temporarily when they are new, it’s easy to see why applying products packed with essential oils will help. Tattoo oils work by controlling the itchiness and mild soreness common when a tattoo is healing, making the process more bearable. 

III. Preventing Infections

Regular lotions aren’t formulated for the sole purpose of preventing infections. However, tattoo oils are made with infections in mind considering the tattooing process involves pricking skin which temporarily exposes the skin to infections. 

The main ingredient in tattoo oil (essential oils) has infection-fighting and antiseptic capabilities. Many essential oils have lauric acid, among other compounds known to prevent bacterial growth. Lauric acid works by preventing the growth of many bacterial pathogens. The oils also contain fatty amino acids known to have antifungal benefits. 

IV. Fastening the Tattoo Healing Process

The skin needs collagen (structural protein) to heal and grow. Tattoo oils made from seed oils are known to offer collagen growth benefits. Applying oils with collagen-boosting benefits ensures the tattoo heals fast and properly. The anti-bacterial and anti-fungal benefits discussed above also keep infections at bay, which fastens healing. 

V. Safe and All-Natural Application. No Irritants/Chemical Additives

Lastly, tattoo oils work better for tattoos than regular oils because they are all-natural. While your regular lotion is packed with chemical additives, the best tattoo oils have all-natural ingredients. They work safely on tattoos because they don’t introduce any harmful chemicals that can react with the skin.

Summary: How Does Tattoo Oil Work?

Tattoo oils are made specifically for tattoos which is why you shouldn’t attempt to moisturize your ink with regular lotion or cream. Besides moisturizing the skin, they calm irritation, prevent infections, fasten healing and guarantee safe application. Provided you use high-quality oil formulated with the right all-natural essential oils, you will understand why regular oil doesn’t work!


How Does Tattoo Oil Work? Differences With Regular Oil


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