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Does a GREY Beard Look Good?

Does a GREY Beard Look Good? 800 533 Andrew James Hair

Does a GREY Beard Look Good?

Does a GREY Beard Look Good

Most people think that a grey beard looks bad. However, some guys look very distinguished, with a few gray hairs showing on their faces. Should you grow one?


Should You Grow a Grey Beard?

This is entirely a personal decision. Some people look good with a grey beard, while others do not. The consensus is that the wearer of the beard should be at least 35 years old or so before getting one. It’s often suggested to start as early in life as possible for those who are already thinking about growing their first tresses of facial hair.

A more important consideration may be whether you LIKE having a grey beard or not. If you don’t like it, then keep your face clean-shaven. If you DO like being gray-faced, go ahead and let some white hairs grow on your cheeks.


Does a GREY Beard Look Good?

How good a grey beard looks will depend on what the person wearing it looks like. Several factors go into whether a man looks good with grey facial hair, including his skin color, how many white hairs are on the beard, and whether he has wrinkles.

Most people think that a grey beard doesn’t look as handsome as one in which all the hairs are black or brown. But it does depend largely on who is wearing it.

Some guys have very distinguished faces with some silver showing through their beards. Others just don’t seem to know where they belong anymore when they’ve got an old man’s hair growing out of them.

You will probably look great in a grey beard if you have a square jaw and deep-set eyes. If you are looking at the mirror right now, do your best to get an honest assessment of what color hair is already growing on your chinny-chin-chin.

On the other hand, if there’s no silver yet, but you’ve got some bags under those bedroom bingo wings, then it might be best not to make them any more noticeable with a beard that will just show up as white against all that dark skin.


Does a GREY beard make you look older?

Unfortunately, a grey beard may make you look older than you are and not in a good way. It may make you look like a man in his 60s or 70s when you’re actually in your 20s.

A more permanent solution might be getting rid of it and keeping only stubble on the face. This way, at least there would be no single hair growing out white from time to time. Stubble can also grow back thicker and darker, so you might want to try getting stubble in the first place.

Maintaining the appearance of an attractive young person is one reason to keep facial hair trimmed, but if that’s not important for you, then there are other ways to make yourself look younger without stooping to wearing makeup.


Should a man color his grey beard?

While many people color their hair, it’s not common for men to dye the white hairs in their beards. For whatever reason, they’re more likely to just shave off all of them and grow a new beard from scratch rather than asking some other guy at the barbershop to give him an “extra hot cappuccino” or something like that.

However, there is one situation where maintaining your natural grey-beard might come in handy. For instance, if you’re trying to look younger and don’t want a full beard, then the white hair might be good for making yourself appear more like someone in his 20s.

The general wisdom is that it’s never too late to grow facial hairs if you haven’t already done so–hair does not start growing on your face until after puberty has run its course, let alone any significant amount of grays. So go ahead and try out some stubble this weekend–even if all the other guys say they think grey doesn’t suit you. You can always shave them off later when things aren’t going well. Plus, you could use some top-quality beard oil to make your facial hair look better.



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