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Can I Use Pomade Every Day?

Can I Use Pomade Every Day? 800 800 Andrew James Hair

Can I Use Pomade Every Day?

Benefits and Tips to Keep In Mind



For many men, pomade is a staple in their hair care routine. Pomade provides an easy way to style your hair and give it that perfect look that you desire. However, the question remains: can I use pomade every day? This blog post will provide insight into both benefits of using pomade every day. We’ll also provide tips for keeping your hair healthy while still achieving that desired look.


Can I use pomade every day?

Yes, but you will need to take a few precautions to keep your hair looking healthy. They include:

  • Use pomade sparingly
  • Keep it away from the scalp and roots of your hair
  • Always use an appropriate amount for how long you want the product in your hair, not more or less
  • Don’t sleep with pomade in – always wash it out before bedtime.


Benefits of using pomade regularly.


Styles may last longer.

Pomades are thicker than most styling products. They, therefore, coat hair more generously for a style that lasts all day or night. This is especially helpful if you have tightly curled or curly hair and want to keep it manageable throughout the day without reapplying your product every few hours like some other types of styling products require.


It gives hair shine while keeping it dry.

The oil in this type of product helps give your locks added protection from external factors such as heat, wind, and sun damage. It also adds a healthy, natural luster to your hair without the greasy feel. Pomade can also help keep flyaways under control. Flyaway hairs are often caused by dry or damaged hair. They may be difficult to tame on their own when styling with other products that don’t contain oils as pomades do


It gives hair a more natural look.

Apart from giving your hair a more natural look, pomades are also great for touch-ups and evening out any damage from styling tools such as flat irons or curling wands. And you don’t need to apply heavy amounts of product like some other types of products need to achieve the same effect.


Tips on how to keep your pomade healthy


Apply while wet

Suppose you want an all-day hold with less residue left behind. In that case, applying this type of product after washing and towel drying will give you the desired results even with daily use. This is because the water in your locks provides better absorption than if it were dry.


Use a little

Pomades are thicker than most styling products, so they coat hair more generously for a style that lasts all day or night–which can lead to overuse and heavy buildup if you’re not careful. When it comes to using this type of product daily, the key is moderation: use only what’s necessary to achieve your desired look without ending up with greasy locks.

The same goes when touching up throughout the day; apply sparingly on areas where needed instead of giving yourself an all-over coating like some other types of products may require for touch-ups to be effective.


Always keep your pomade in a cool, dry place.

Keeping your pomade in a dry, cool place is important for keeping it from melting and becoming too thin. When you use a product like this on wet hair after washing or towel drying, the water content helps keep the product more solid.

So if you don’t store it correctly away from heat sources such as the sun and inside of hot cars while running errands throughout the day, then there’s a higher chance that your style will melt off by evening time because the consistency isn’t what it once was.


At Andrew James Hair, we produce some of the world’s best pomades and waxes for various hair types and styles. Check out our products today and find a style that’s right for you.


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