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Beard Style Trends 2021

Beard Style Trends 2021 226 223 Andrew James Hair

Beard Style Trends 2021


Facial hairstyles have always been a topic of conversation. What can be said about the beard style trends in 2021? There are many options to choose from, and it is important to select something that will work well with your face shape.

It’s also important to keep up with the latest fashion trends to don’t look outdated. This blog post will go over what facial hairstyles are popular in 2021 and how they complement different face shapes.


Beard Style Trends 2021


A goatee and soul patch combo

This is one of the trendiest beard styles of 2021. It’s a great look for men with strong facial features or rugged, sharp jawlines. It works well for square and rectangular face shapes as it can help soften the appearance of a strong jawline. 

It is also very popular among African American men because they already have hair on their chins, so it’s easier to grow into an even beard. The goatee-soul patch combo looks best with full, round faces, making them appear more angular while elongating the face shape downward.


Short rounded beard

This is also one of the most popular beard styles that are trending in 2021. It is a great option for people with round or oval face shapes because it adds some definition to otherwise rounded features and makes them more angular.

The short rounded beard style works best on full faces if you want to soften your appearance by making the jawline appear less strong.



This style is a combination of moustache and goatee. It is popular among Hollywood actors because it can often help them look more masculine on camera with this beard style.


It also looks great on men who have strong features like square or triangular face shapes. The Hollywoodian beard style works best for these faces by adding some definition without looking too feminine.

The Hollywoodian is very flattering when worn well because the hairline naturally follows the shape of your jawline, which makes you appear more masculine.


Corporate beard

If you are looking for a beard style suitable for a corporate setting, then the Corporate Beard might be perfect. It can work well with any face shape because it does not need to have hair on your chin to look good like other styles do. This is also one of the more trendy styles in 2021, so you won’t risk looking out-of-date if you wear this style.


Scruffy beard

This is among the timeless beard styles that are still very popular in 2021. The scruffy beard is a combination of full, round sideburns and a mustache that has been trimmed to an even length on the edges. It works well for people with strong jawlines or square face shapes because it can help soften them

The Scruffy Beard style looks best when worn with oval faces by making your features appear more angular and masculine while elongating your face shape downward.


The 5 o’clock shadow

Another timeless beard style, the five o’clock shadow, is a beard style that has no specific rules. It’s the one you have after not shaving for days, and sometimes it may even grow in patches on your chin or upper lip.

The five-o’-clock shadow can work well with any face shape because there are many ways to wear this look.


Short boxed beard

This style combines rounded, full sideburns that have been trimmed to an even length on the edges and a mustache.

It is perfect for people with long or oval face shapes because it can help elongate your face shape while adding some definition.

The Short Boxed Beard works best when worn with rectangular faces by making them appear more angular without looking too feminine.


Whatever beard style you choose from the list above, remember it takes maintenance to keep your facial hair looking great. Our beard oil will condition your beard and help control some of the natural oils that are produced, which will prevent you from breaking out.

Beard Style Trends 2021

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