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Are beards in style for 2021?

Are beards in style for 2021? 750 535 Andrew James Hair

Are beards in style for 2021?

Are beards in style for 2021?

Are beards in style for 2021? It’s hard to say what the new trends will be for 2021. But one thing is certain: men will continue wearing their facial hair. There has been a recent resurgence of the beard style in 2018 and 2019! With this in mind, we’ve compiled a list of 6 stylish beards that you can grow now so that they’ll be perfect by 2025.


Beard Style Trends 2021?


Full Beard with Chin Puff Haircut

This is the best style for men who want an easy yet classy-looking beard in 2021! Â chin puff is excellent because it gives more volume to your hair growth on your face, whereas other facial hairstyles like goatees or sideburns may not do this as well. Plus, using products like pomade will help keep this beard looking fresh and clean-cut.


Chin Puff with Short Hair Cut

This style is the perfect way to mix up your design without getting too extreme. A short buzz cut paired with a chin puff will give you an edgy look that’s still stylish in 2021. Plus, it may even be easier for some men to maintain their hair since they don’t have as much growth on their faces.


Long Beard + Shaved Sideburns Style

If you want more of an old-school gentleman vibe, then using sideburns could help make that happen. You can use a long beard, trimmed sideburns, and shaved head for an old-school look that’s perfect in 2021.


Medium Length Beard + Medium Haircut

For the guys looking for a stylish golden mean, medium-length beards paired with a medium haircut could work wonders! Combining both will give you an easy-to-style facial hairstyle. It won’t take as much time to grow out or maintain either one. 

Plus, if your sideburns start growing out long, then you can use this same technique on them by trimming them down every few days (or weeks). So you still get the full effect without having to worry about it getting unruly later on. This doesn’t just work with beards and sideburns. It also works for those who want to keep their hair long but have a shorter haircut.


Medium Beard + Short Hair Cut

This style is great if you’re looking for something easy to maintain in 2021. The medium beard paired with a short buzz cut will give you an edgy look. And it won’t take too much time or too much effort on your part. Again, this might even be easier since there isn’t as much growth on the face. So maintaining one of these styles would likely take less work than other facial hairstyles require. 

If you don’t like how it looks when your sideburns start growing out, then just trim them down every few days to make sure they don’t get too unruly or long.


Short Beard + Short Hair Cut

For the guys who want to have a shorter hairdo, this is your style! It’s simple to maintain and easy for those with thinning hair or less density up top. So that you still get plenty of volume in 2021. Plus, if you don’t like how it looks when sideburns grow out, then just trim them down every few days (or weeks) until they aren’t as long anymore. This may take more work than other facial hairstyles require, but it’ll be worth it since these styles will last longer and make maintaining them easier over time.

This can also be reversed by pairing a short beard with a buzz cut or medium-length haircut for an edgier look.


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