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Andrew James Products: Best Pomade for Men, Best Beard and Tattoo Oil & More!

Andrew James has one of the best varieties of pomades for men’s hair and the best beard + tattoo oil on the market today.
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We sell pomade, beard + tattoo oil, as well as useful accessories like branded spray bottles and beverage coasters.

Our Pomade Variety: Best Pomade For Men's Hair

We have five main types of pomade, each serving a unique need.

Matte Pomade

Andrew James Matte Pomade was designed for a superior matte finish effect.

Our Matte Pomade is just the right amount of heavy, featuring a perfect mix of water, beeswax, and carnauba wax alongside a papaya-coconut scent to top the classic matte pomade finish.

Matte pomade is great for men looking for a pomade with a matte look, more hold, thicker/fuller appearance, and a variety of styles while maintaining a soft and natural look.

Apply and style using your fingers. Non-sticky Pomade. No comb needed.



Matte Pomade Lite

Those who wish for a light touch of matte can consider buying our Matte Pomade Lite instead of Matte Pomade.

The Lite pomade is made with the same mix of ingredients (mainly carnauba wax and beeswax). The pomade also features a coconut scent.

Our Matte Pomade Lite is the best matte pomade for a fuller or thicker hair appearance with a light hint of matte for an easy style, easy to manipulate without a hard finish.

Like all Andrew James pomades, the Matte Pomade Lite isn’t sticky or greasy. It can be added with ease throughout the day as desired.


Original Pomade

If you’re searching for an original 18th & 19th- century traditional pomade with a modern touch, look no further. Andrew James Original Pomade doesn’t contain lard or bear fat like the first traditional hair pomades.

Instead, you get the same classic result with key ingredients like macadamia oil, castor wax, and argan oil. The stiffening properties of these ingredients allow for many hairstyles, including sculptured hairstyles that have a firm hold, nice shine, and a unique orange creamsicle scent.

This pomade isn’t your grandfather’s pomade but a modern version with added benefits.



Clay Pomade

Our hair clay pomade offers a thicker fuller hair appearance coupled with a matte finish scented with a green apple dessert smell.  Don’t let the thick consistency fool you, the clay does what you want it to do effortlessly to give a pliable, re-workable style. With low shine, Clay produces a matte finish, leaving the hair looking natural.

The pomade has other notable advantages, such as the ease to apply and style. Apply 2-3 finger-scoops and style your hair using your hands. What’s more, you can enjoy a long-lasting pomade matte finish throughout the day regardless of the weather. Enjoy ZERO oiliness.


Andrew James Travel Size Pomade

We have travel size pomade in three varieties. Get a 12 pack of Matte Pomade Mini, Matte Pomade Lite Mini and/or Clay Pomade Mini for $21.99 per pack.

Our travel-sized pomade takes care of your hair needs while you are on the go. Carry pomade in your pocket with ease and apply when need arises. The mini pack ensures you maintain your look throughout the day or deal with impromptu meetings and dates, fast, easy, and conveniently.

No need to visit a barber or hairstylist to change hairstyles or refresh your look in the middle of the day!


Andrew James Beard and Tattoo Oil

Apply one of the best beard and tattoo oils that money can buy. Andrew James beard + tattoo oil is American made so you can rest assured you are buying a superior product and not cheap imports or imitations.

Five all-natural essential oils alongside other ingredients (Argan, Olive, Sunflower, passion fruit, Copaiba Balsam, water, and more) make up Andrew James Beard & tattoo oil formulated to nourish facial hair, soften loose ends and hydrate the skin!

Are you interested in a well-kept rich, shiny beard minus the oiliness? Or do you want to keep your tattoos looking fresh? Our Beard + tattoo oil is the answer! You’ll also upgrade your smell thanks to the unique Papaya Coconut scent!


Andrew James Accessories

Spray Bottle

Buy a branded Andrew James spray bottle and store anything from water to hair oil, and conditioner.

Buy the 10 Oz. (295.7ml) spray bottle for $25.

Beverage Coasters

Get a 12 pack of Andrew James beverage coasters in different colors to protect your tables among other surfaces when enjoying a beer or other beverages. Get beverage coasters for a friend.

Buy 12 beverage coasters for $25

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FAQs about Andrew James Products

How do you apply pomade? Tips for applying Andrew James pomade

Apply 2 to 3 scoops of Andrew James pomade to your fingertips. Spread the pomade gently and rub through your hair. You don’t need a comb! Use your fingers to apply. The pomade is easy to wash off.

To enjoy the best results, apply pomade on dry hair. Also, start applying the pomade from the back while working to the front. Repeat the process until the pomade is evenly distributed before styling your hair as desired.

Is pomade safe to use? Safety precautions when using Andrew James pomade

Are Andrew James pomades safe? Absolutely. Andrew James pomade is free of alcohol and paraben. The pomade is also water-based. As long as it is used correctly (strictly for external use) and general precautions are followed (i.e., keep away from children, but products can be applied to their hair directed by a parent), the pomade is 100% safe. Andrew James uses natural and safe ingredients only to make pomade. If you want natural hair pomade proven to be safe, consider Andrew James pomades.

How much does it cost to ship the pomade or other hair products?

If you subscribe, you will enjoy free shipping. Choosing the subscription option also gives you access to special discounts.

Do Andrew James hair pomades work for all types of hair and hair styles?

Yes! The pomades work for coarse hair, wavy hair, curly hair, straight hair, name it! The pomades also make it possible to create classic hairstyles, textured hairstyles, messy hairstyles, modern hairstyles, iconic hairstyles, among many other types of hairstyles.


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